Guess Who is Coming to Shabbat Dinner


Guess Who's Coming To Shabbat???

It just may be you!


BTBJ Community-wide Shabbat Celebration

"Guess Who's Coming to Shabbat"

Dear Friends,

Guess Who's Coming to Shabbat is a program that partners congregants with one another for Shabbat dinners in their own homes. You have the opportunity to 

host a Shabbat Dinner at your home, attend a Shabbat Dinner at the home of another or hopefully, do both.   

This program began at Temple Sinai in Dresher, Pa. several years ago (in memory of one of their congregants, Bernie Albert) and had two goals:

1. To strengthen the synagogue community

2. To help families build meaningful memories

This initiative has since spread to other synagogues around the country and we would like to share the joy right here at BTBJ.  Our synagogue first ran this program back in 2014 and it was a huge success. We want our members to enjoy Shabbat and get to know one another outside of the walls of the synagogue.

As a guest, you, your friends and/or family, if applicable, will be invited by a fellow congregant to their home for a Shabbat Dinner and Shabbat experience.

As a host, when inviting, we ask hosts to think beyond their immediate circle and invite those they may not know well.  Engage new and returning families.  For hosts unsure of whom to invite, BTBJ can play Shabbat matchmaker for you.

When you sign up to Host, you will receive a list of potential guests.  If you already know who you will be inviting to your home, you will not need a guest list.   Hosts can invite any number of congregants of their choosing.  The idea is to expand our community in the warm and welcoming way that is the hallmark of BTBJ.  Prayers and selected readings will also be provided to all hosts, along with a Shabbat checklist for added convenience.

Hosts can provide as much of the dinner as desired or simply coordinate a "pot luck" Shabbat.  If you don't keep Kosher, that's okay.  We only ask that you serve kosher meat, chicken or fish and that you do not mix dairy and meat.  Also, an all dairy and/or pareve meal works just fine.  Don't have time to cook?  That's okay, too.  We have made arrangements for Shabbat dinner packages through Ian Drossner at Barclay Caterers.  Contact for dinner options.

The date we have designated for the program is:

Friday, March 15, 2019

Whether you choose to be a Host, be a Guest or BOTH, one thing will be certain:  You will know yet again that you are part of a vibrant community that values you, and your commitment to what you value most - family, friends, community and so much more.  



Marla Sones, Adult Ed Chair                    Valarie Hurwitz                        

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