Our Annual Theme

Hazak Hazak Vi’Nitchazek!

BTBJ’s theme for 5779 (2018 – 2019) is “Hazak Hazak Vi’Nitchazek – Be strong, be strong and together we’ll strengthen each other!”

When Moshe charged Joshua with succeeding him as leader of the Israelites at the end of the Book of Deuteronomy, he blessed him with the words, “Hazak vi’ematz – Be strong and courageous!”  When we finish a Sefer Torah, a book of the Torah, we conclude the reading with “Hazak hazak vi’nitchazek – Be strong, be strong and together we’ll strengthen each other!”  Jews have survived for millennia because in every generation we have demonstrated enough strength, perseverance and will to successfully address our challenges and forge on. 

As Jewish life continues through present times, the Jewish people continue to have their share of challenges, obstacles and issues.  No doubt we are blessed with so much including the presence of the State of Israel in our lives and the multitude of Jews who are dedicated to leading and promoting Jewish life today.  Still, as Abraham, Moshe, Joshua, Deborah, Ruth and so many others throughout history proved themselves “hazak”, so too we must remain strong and committed to keep Judaism alive, dynamic and relevant for ourselves and future generations.  Here at BTBJ we are doing so much to accomplish the aforementioned goal.  As the adage goes, each one of us is strong but together we are capable of greatly fortifying our haimishe community.  May each one of us be inspired to be as strong as possible and also be willing to participate whenever possible to enrich Jewish life for ourselves, BTBJ and the entire Jewish community!

This year and always… Hazak Hazak Vi’Nitchazek!!  Be strong, be strong and together let’s strengthen each other!!

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Sisterhood Event

What? Sisterhood Opening Event

Where? Where else? BTBJ Synagogue

When? November 11, 2019

Time? Good question … TBD!

Who? The Word Mavens

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Books are available in the synagogue office for $25 each.  Worthwhile for all!  The book is full of coupons for great restaurants, grocery and retail stores!

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